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Dream Gifts Program

For those who need Christmas assistance


Providing Christmas gifts and wrapping paper to Brazoria County families who have a life crisis that prevents them

from providing gifts for their children

(ages infant - 15 yrs. old).


Parent Request Form

Oct. 25 thru Nov. 15


The number of applications we can accept is based on the funding assistance that we receive for this program.



  1.  All Parent Request Forms will be processed within a week.

    1. Due to the high volume of need, we will limit to 100 Parent Request Forms per day.

  2.  If you have been to our facilities and all your information is updated.

    1. You will receive an email with a link to complete the registration process.

  3. If you have never been to our facilities or you have not updated your information in 2023.

    1. You will receive a phone call to set up an appointment.

    2. You will receive a link to complete the registration process after your appointment.

  4. You can call before your appointment and reschedule only ONCE. If you miss your appointment, there will be no reschedule.

  5. The following documents are REQUIRED for your appointment.

    1. Photo ID for the Parent or Guardian

    2. Proof of Income

    3. Proof of Address

    4. Birth Certificate/Birth Verification for each child

  6. If your child received a bike last year they will not receive a bike this year. Bikes are limited and your child is not guaranteed a bike.

  7. All applications will be shared with other organizations to cross reference for duplication. if you are on another list, you will stay on the list you first registered on. You will not be able to put your name on multiple lists.

  8.  The number of applications we can accept is based on the funding assistance that we receive for this program.

  9. If you are having issues with the form, please email


Distribution of Gifts

Saturday, December 16, 2023


For Sponsors, Toy Drives & Volunteers

The Dream Gifts program began in 2011, providing 209 children with gifts. In 2022, we provided 1,436 children with gifts and 322 bikes, blankets, and wrapping paper. The program is supported by volunteers and donors who give generously so that our families can have joyous holidays.

Thank you Sponsors

2023 Dream Gifts
Parent Request Form
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