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"I am a fifty five year female and disabled. I was given custody of my five grandchildren through the CPS system. What was two weeks has turned into two years. Their ages are 6, 7, 10, 11, and 15. Three girls and two boys. I have not regretted any day that I've had them, but things are tough with me on disability. When I was told about the Dream Center it was like another door that God opened. Over the last two years they have helped me with food, clothing, coats for the winter and toys for the children's Christmas. Each volunteer is wonderful and helpful, and they put forth an extra effort in everything they do."

At the Brazoria County Dream Center it is our mission to help people in our community that need a hand up, whether it's in one aspect of their lives or all aspects.



Here are some of our clients stories with the Brazoria County Dream Center...

"We are a house of two adults and are on a fixed income. My husband is fifty seven years old and on SSI. We do not get enough food stamps to cover all our nutritional needs. The Brazoria County Dream Center has helped by providing us with extra nutritional food we can not afford ourselves and also has helped with clothing we have needed!"

 "I am on disability and was in an abusive relationship for almost 9 years. I have moved out and have my own place and my check is my only income I have so I have to pay my rent and there is nothing left over to buy items that I need for the house. The Dream Center has helped me and my family to make ends meet each month. The people here are very caring and very friendly."

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